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HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE is a charming push-pull-slide board book of the famous nursery rhyme. The book conveys the rhyme along with animals who are at a carnival. Each page has an interactive element that children can move themselves to participate in the story. The back has a QR code to listen to the song as well!

What I loved: This is a really adorable book that brings the nursery rhyme to life in a new way. The illustrations are lovely and detailed, telling the story of a really fun carnival that the animals are attending. The interactive elements are quite clever and really make this story a lot of fun for toddlers. They will enjoy moving and exploring each page as they build on the story. The nursery rhyme is also very fun, and always great to read aloud. There is a bit of extra fun with the QR code that leads to the song as well!

What left me wanting more: As a small thing, the font can be tough to read on some pages, as it is dark font on darker backgrounds. Luckily, most caregivers probably know the rhyme and would be able to speak it regardless, but it would be tough to read at bedtime.

Final verdict: An interactive and colorful board book, HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE brings the nursery rhyme to life in a delightful new way that will be great for toddlers!
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