Hello, Puddle!

Hello, Puddle!
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March 22, 2022
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A nonfiction picture book exploring a deceptively simple but unexpectedly crucial resource for wildlife: puddles! This lyrical, gorgeously illustrated nonfiction picture book is perfect for young science learners and nature lovers.

Hello, puddle! Who's here?

A normal everyday puddle may not seem very special. But for a mother turtle, it might be the perfect place to lay her eggs. For a squirrel, it might be the only spot to cool off and get a drink when the sun is shining down in July. And for any child, it can be a window into the elegant, complex natural world right outside their window.

With lush, playful illustrations and fun facts about the animals featured, Hello, Puddle! is a joyful celebration of the remarkable in the ordinary, and the importance of even the most humble places in fostering life.

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Puddles are Useful!
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HELLO, PUDDLE is a unique children's book that makes the reader look at puddles from a different perspective. Whether people jump in a puddle or completely avoid it, they don't realize the use that one piece of water has for animals. They help snails stay wet, ducks find bugs, birds take baths, and wasps make nests. That isn't even all!

The illustrations are bold and pop off the page while maintaining an adorable look. After reading this, both my daughter and I will look at puddles completely differently. They help so many animals that it makes you realize they aren't something to take for granted. I also love how the author addresses how puddles disappear in the winter for the most part but we'll see them again in spring. There's a fun activity in the back of the book involving making your own puddle and watching the wildlife that react to it. In addiction to that, a glossary is at the end to explain any terms children might not understand.

Final Verdict: HELLO, PUDDLE is a thought-provoking children's book perfect for nature lovers everywhere. In it, you'll enjoy both the nature aspect of puddles and rain while seeing how they help animals live a better life.
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