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In this part, being book number six of this heptalogy Harry Potter makes his way back to school and the unexpected occurs. For this pint-sized boy who has finally reached the age of sixteen finds himself stuck inbetween everything in life from romance to his lessons in order to defeat Voldermort and all at once trying to find himself in all this mess aqnd still stay sane against all odds. This may sound interesting to some but I literally mean that this is what he spends his time doing throughout the whole entire six hundred page hunk of literature. I found that she left out the heart stopping twists and turns which I search for the most in a good novelists creations. I found that there were less battles bringing on anxiety and anxiousness and that she left out everything she used in the other books to make it relatable and mystifying. There was really only one big poart where.... well I eouldn't like to become a spoiler to where something devastating occured. Of course If she used her brilliance from the other scenes in the other novels I might have been found with a fit of tears streaming out of my awaitful eyes but instdead I was just at first angry at the event. Maybe if he had a better ending with more of a part to it I would have thought of it as justifiable but it wasn't at all means. The rest of this gruesome tale for book six was boring with just usless information being poured in from all ends. I found it boring to watch Harry undergo his hormonal reapperance and learn about defeating Voldermort by sitting around in a gothic styled castle while doing nothing at all. But yes I must cut J.K some slack because it must be pretty challenging to weave out the correct structure to be built for the best epic and unforgettable ending possible. Nonetheless I did find her other books spectacular and perfect for any young adult and maybe an adult at the least looking for a getaway trip to thde little suite called Hogwarts. But I found the the romance was utterly distastefull. As unsupportive as an untied shoelace upon a shoe.I didn't feel that fluttery feeling in the pit of my stomach as I normally do and it was boring with little emotional words to be put forth into it. But of course if you are a person like me to expect every human being to be given the gift of describing love as fondly as Hunger Games author Suzzane Collins does you will never find any book romance to be quite appealing. But i still urge you to read the series for the other books are the complete opposite of this one which left me with a bad taste in my mouth. For the book still showed beautiful writing skill and artiste. I believe that igt also helps build Harry's character but at the same time make him more realistic which in turn reveals to me his vulnerability. I give my sorry to J.K who I inspire though dislike her one book but hoew can you make seven perfect books in a row? Impossible which I could never achieve and I give any Harry Potter fan the permission the rant on my findings even so being a huge fan myself and probably knowing the same or more than them about the book- Becca's reviews Please ignore spelling mistakes due to bad typing skills and no spell check.
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