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Darkness Falls Across Hogwart's Door
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Reader reviewed by GRgenius

Alas, it was bound to happen.  This installment of the "Harry Potter" series has us saying goodbye to a major and well-loved character.  (sorry, not listing who it is in case someone hasn't actually read it yet...imagine that!)  Harry and his pals are dealing with dark times indeed, as well as their own blossoming adolescence.  Friends are made, foes are made to choose sides, as the Dark Lord attempts to regain his strength through the many Horcruxes he left behind.  Can they stop what's coming?  Are they strong enough without their fallen friend?

Recommended for all readers, although young ones may need some consoling when the "deed" is done.  An overall fascinating addition to a great collection leaving you impatient for the final book.....happy reading!
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