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With Dumbledore back as the Headmaster, Harry and Dumbledorego on a search for Voldomorts hortexes.  Harry finds out hortexes are objects that a wizard can choose to keep part of their soul inside it, so if something were to happen to the body the wizard could still live.  While at school Harry takes classes so he can become successful when he leaves Hogwarts; one is potions.  Since he doesnt have some of the supplies he borrows some; one is an old textbook that has hints written in it by someone called the half-blood prince and Harry soon becomes a popular student in potions.  But who is the Half-Blood Prince and can he be trusted when it could mean life or death for Ron?  Harry and Dumbledore soon find out that Voldomort made seven hortexes. Dumbledore tells Harry two have already have been destroyed so they set out for the other five.  Will Harry and Dumbledore be able to destroy the other five hortexes?

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