Happiness Is a Dancing Dog (Peanuts)

Happiness Is a Dancing Dog (Peanuts)
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August 30, 2022
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Snoopy and the Peanuts gang have been beloved by generations of fans for more than seventy years. Now everyone can experience the joy and laughter with Peanuts books and The Snoopy Show and Snoopy in Space on Apple TV+!

Who can resist Snoopy when he’s dancing? This adorable 8x8 paperback storybook based on an episode of The Snoopy Show includes paper dolls of Snoopy, Woodstock, Franklin, and Charlie Brown!

It’s “Show and Smile” day at school, and Charlie Brown is stumped trying to come up with things that make him smile. He loves baseball, but always loses. He loves flying his kite, but it always gets tangled in a tree. Kicking a football makes him smile, but Lucy always pulls the ball away at the last minute.

What can he talk about? The answer is right in front of him, dancing away. It’s Snoopy! This book comes with perf-out paper dolls of a dancing Snoopy, Woodstock, Franklin, and Charlie Brown, along with stands for young readers to display these characters wherever they like.

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Dogs are always the answer!
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While Snoopy wakes up with a smile on his facing, dancing and being happy about his day, the morning does not go so well for Charlie Brown. He has forgotten that it is "Show and Smile" day at school. Since Charlie is generally anxious, he has trouble coming up with things in his life that are completely carefree as he walks to school with his friend Linus. Sure, Linus is always comforted by his blanket, but Charlie's favorite things often have downsides; he loves baseball, but does poorly at it, and flying kite often ends with trees eating them. While Snoopy dances on unperturbed, Lucy tells him he needs counseling, and makes Charlie more nervous than ever, despite his other friends' words of reassurance. The whole Peanuts gang talks about their favorite things, and Charlie hopes that the bell will ring before his turn. It doesn't, and the beginning of his presentation doesn't go well. As he steps to the window to get some air, he sees Snoopy and Woodstock dancing on the sidewalk, and is finally able to share what makes him smile... Snoopy dancing.
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It hadn't occurred to me what a perfect spokesperson Charlie Brown is for tweens today, who share Charlie's apprehension about the world around them. Charlie's friends are not anxious, and offer reliable ways that they keep a happy outlook; Linus is philosophical, Lucy is toxically positive, and Marcie is calming reassuring that everything will be okay. None of these strategies really help, but Snoopy's carefree dancing, ala a Baby Boomer who is retired and has an assured pension, that is able to alleviate Charlie's anxiety. And really, who can argue against dogs making us feel that all is right with the world?

The illustrations capture the essence of Schulz's work, but are clearly taken from the television show on which this is based. They are brightly colored, and offset nicely against the slightly larger than normal text. This is a good length for reading aloud, but would also be good for newly independent readers who are fans of Snoopy.

The paper dolls included are of Charlie, Snoopy, Woodstock, and Franklin, who only shows up in one or two panels in the book. They are a fun addition, but I'm not sure how much modern children really play with paper dolls.

Gravel's Puppy in My Head may seem like an odd companion to this book, but Charlie Brown could certainly use some mindfulness training, since Snoopy is clearly not the puppy that lives in his brain! Kupiel's Elephant's Big Solo discusses performance anxiety, and Reynold's The Big Worry Day offers a modern take on Charlie's problem. Of course, reading collections of Snoopy comics would probably be even more helpful in fostering a positive mindset!
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