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Weather for Preschool Children
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Steve Light draws upon his preschool teacher background to create a board book about the weather in GUS & SULLY WATCH THE WEATHER. Each spread depicts a weather word with fun illustrations where one of the characters enjoys the type and the other does not. I also like that the characters engage in an activity for each type of weather, like during snow you can build snow creatures. This allows the reader to think about their feelings about the different weather and what they like to do. Overall, this book introduces great weather-related vocabulary perfect for babies- preschool children. This book helps bring awareness to the outside world. It would make the perfect jumping-off point to introduce a routine of looking at the real-life weather which can lead to a study about the seasons. The illustrations and colors are engaging and the characters have relatable emotions both good and bad towards the weather. I also like the understated message that we don’t all enjoy the same things and that is okay.
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