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Ghosts? Love triangles? And horse drawn buggies? Sign me up!

Grave Things Like Love by Sara Bennett Wealer is a YA contemporary/paranormal, that follows the story of Elaine who doesn't quite want to follow in her mother's and father's footsteps of becoming a mortician. Instead, she seeks her own paranormal adventure with a ghost hunter, Xander, and the supernatural being that haunts the funeral home she dares to call home. Mix that up with a good amount of teen angst and a love triangle, and boom that's where this book resides.

What I liked most about this novel, was the way Wealer was able to weave the two genres of romance and supernatural into one delicious book. Especially with a setting such as a funeral home. Though when going into this, I was getting heavy The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston vibes. And though most people might hate it, but I honestly appreciated the love triangle sprinkled throughout.

As much as I loved the plot, I felt like this book was lacking in the character development. As it felt like they appeared on one page and would disappear ten pages later with nothing to be known about them, save for their name. I wish we got to spend some more time with the characters, as I wanted to know a little more about Dakota.

I feel like anyone needing something a little spooky, but sweet need to read this! Especially for those looking for something not too gory for the Halloween season. I would also recommend it to anyone who dares to like a good love triangle.
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