Goldilocks and The Three Knocks

Goldilocks and The Three Knocks
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November 16, 2022
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From award-winning Cow Boy Is Not a Cowboy author Gregory Barrington comes a twist on a fairytale in need of a serious retelling! 
Once upon a time, Goldilocks sat peacefully until she heard…

one knock!…two knocks!…three knocks! at her door.

That day she met the Three Bears…and their pie.

In this hilarious spin on the classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears story, Goldi meets a boisterous family of bears who destroy her home before she ever set foot on their doorstep. Find out what really happened in her own words. 

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The True Story of how it all began.
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What I liked:
Goldilocks and The Three Knocks aim to tell you how the whole story of Goldilocks and Three Bears began. You all know the tale. Goldilocks is walking through the woods and then comes across the three bears' home and makes herself home. What if that is not really what happened in the first place? Children will love the colorful pages the artist has drawn, they also will get a lesson in hearing both sides of the story, and they will have fun guessing what happened.
Final Verdict:
I found the story a quick read and perfect for a read-aloud session with a group of young children who know the original tale. I found the concept of the bears meeting goldilocks first and checking out her home quite an exciting way to tell the story. I also appreciated that the author added more depth to the three bears so that they are not such flat characters but characters with personalities—a great addition to any young children's buddy collection of story books.
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