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Golden Crown Review
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This series has blown me away. For those who don't know me, I am low key obsessed with Tangled. And by "low key" I mean completely.

This third book picks up right after Golden Chains. The curse has been broken, La Dame has retreated to Dracon, and Etta and Alex are ruling their separate kingdoms. Gaule is on the brink of civil war since Alex changed the laws to allow magic. Bela is mending and rebuilding, and Etta has the full Basile power. But neither of the rulers know how to move on without one another.

Now, they must figure out how to keep peace among their people while preparing for the final battle with La Dame. And Etta and Alex need to decide what their role is in each other's life.

Like the other two books, I loved Golden Crown! I really enjoyed following the journey with all its twists and turns. It kept my interest well enough to finish in about 24 hours, which is not something that happens often anymore due to my schedule. But I just couldn't stop.

Michelle takes the familiar tale of Rapunzel and spins it into something so original and wonderful. I cannot say enough good things about this series. I absolutely recommend it! From the characters to the world building, everything is just done so beautifully. I truly enjoyed every second and can't wait to read the Cinderella books next!
Good Points
- Wonderful characters
- Beautiful world building
- New take on familiar tale
- Great finale to an amazing story
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