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(Updated: June 08, 2024)
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David LaRochelle is making a name as one of my favorite authors of preschool and early literacy books and the latest book, GO AND GET WITH REX is perfect. I remember during virtual learning my kids played “go and get” a lot during PE and as a brain break for reviewing concepts. This book is set up the same way, the announcer picks a random letter and then the participants run around and get things to share that show mastery of the concept. However, with the whole imaginary world at your fingertips and not just random items in your house, there is so much room for humorous results like finding a skunk for the letter S and a Moose for the letter M. Then there is Dog, who goes beyond outlandish items and thinks outside of the box like bringing a variation of ducks to every answer, but having the duck do something that does show understanding after all for a humorous twist sure to delight readers.
I like that the chosen letter is highlighted throughout the page as a boost for phonemic awareness to young readers. I love that there are so many anchor words used to help a child build their personal word bank with the correct initial letter. The fact that the illustrations are so rounded and colorful and the humor between the words is enhanced by the pictures makes this a phenomenal choice for an alphabet review book.
This book should be used as a review of the alphabet and for early literacy and not as an alphabet concept book since not every letter is featured and it is out of order. I can see this book inspiring the teacher or grown-up reading it to play their own game of “go and get” to further the fun and review benefits highlighted in this approachable book.
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