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Rex and two children decide to play a game of "go and get". A letter is suggested, and the three have to go and get something with that letter. For "F", Jack, brings something that ribbits (a frog), Jill brings a fish, and Rex brings back something that quacks. Does a duck begin with "F"? No, but a friend does. The next task is an "S", so while Jack brings back a snake and Jill brings back a skunk, Rex brings back TWO ducks. Of course, they are sisters, so they do start with "S". Rex has similar solutions to "M", but when he gets to "D", he doesn't know what to retrieve. In the end, he brings back himself, and also... a duck!

Good Points
This is a different sort of alphabet book, but the humorous twist will have young readers thinking about all of the different words that might pertain to different objects. This encourages nonlinear thinking, and I'm always a fan of that!

When a letter is showcased, it is used in several different places, and highlighted in the text. As the book progresses, the letters appear more and more, so there is a two page spread at the end of different words that begin with "D". Since only a handful of letters are used, there could certainly be more innovative books about Rex playing "go and get".

Wohnoutka's illustrations remind me a bit of Capucilli's Biscuit books, with soft, realistic drawings rendered in gouache. I love the yellows and medium greens, and Rex and his duck friends are very cute. There's plenty of white space on the page, which makes it easy to point out the words.

I hesitate a bit to include Go and Get With Rex in a list of alphabet picture books, because only a few letters are represented, and it is more of a story about perception and misunderstanding. It feels almost a bit like Amelia Bedelia, but that's not quite it either! This is a great book about learning, with a humorous twist, and is very different from other books I've read. No small feat!
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