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Meet Justina Ireland:

Justina Ireland is the New York Times bestselling author of the YA novels Dread Nation and its sequel Deathless Divide, as well as Vengeance Bound and Promise of Shadows. She is also a member of the team spearheading the Star Wars book project entitled the High Republic, and the author of the middle grade Star Wars adventures Lando’s Luck, Spark the Resistance, A Test of Courage, and Out of the Shadows. She enjoys dark chocolate and dark humor and is not too proud to admit that she’s still afraid of the dark. Justina lives with her family in Maryland, and you can visit her online at

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About the Book: Rust in the Root

The author of the visionary New York Times bestseller Dread Nation returns with another spellbinding historical fantasy set at the crossroads of race and power in America.

It is 1937, and Laura Ann Langston lives in an America divided—between those who work the mystical arts and those who do not. Ever since the Great Rust, a catastrophic event that blighted the arcane force called the Dynamism and threw America into disarray, the country has been rebuilding for a better future. And everyone knows the future is industry and technology—otherwise known as Mechomancy—not the traditional mystical arts.

Laura disagrees. A talented young queer mage from Pennsylvania, Laura hopped a portal to New York City on her seventeenth birthday with hopes of earning her mage’s license and becoming something more than a rootworker.

But four months later, she’s got little to show for it other than an empty pocket and broken dreams. With nowhere else to turn, Laura applies for a job with the Bureau of the Arcane’s Conservation Corps, a branch of the US government dedicated to repairing the Dynamism so that Mechomancy can thrive. There she meets the Skylark, a powerful mage with a mysterious past, who reluctantly takes Laura on as an apprentice.

As they’re sent off on their first mission together into the heart of the country’s oldest and most mysterious Blight, they discover the work of mages not encountered since the darkest period in America’s past, when Black mages were killed for their power—work that could threaten Laura’s and the Skylark’s lives, and everything they’ve worked for.

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Book’s Title: Rust in the Root

Author: Justina Ireland

Release Date: 9/20/22

Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

ISBN-10: 0063038226

ISBN-13: 9780063038226

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Age Range: 14 up





Five (5) winners will receive a hardcover copy of Rust in the Root (Justina Ireland) ~US ONLY

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