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Author: P.S. Meraux

Publisher: Amazon Publishing

 Publish Date: October 11th, 2020





About The Book: 


A page-turning novel in the tradition of stories like Twilight or Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer, or A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest. Bellocaro is a paranormal vampire romance fueled by an unusual mystery, a magical location, and a fight to stay alive.


Bellocaro will transport anyone who loves a gripping romance to a new world.

Trapped on a mysterious island and fleeing the school jock who thinks she should be his, Skye Moon encounters a strange boy in the woods. After meeting the captivating Thatcher Blue, she is dragged into a nightmare. Skye is targeted by a vampire who wants to kill her just for being near the alluring Thatcher.

With a target on her back, she doesn’t know if she’ll survive. Skye has known fear before, helping her mother battle a life-threatening illness but never has she had to deal with a vampire stalker.

Skye hopes that the dark-eyed boy from her premonitions will keep her safe, if he ever reveals himself.

She is astonished when Thatcher and his family come to the private academy on the mysterious island run by an equally enigmatic headmistress. Thatcher has managed to keep the secrets of his monster family hidden for more than a century, but not from Skye. She rightly suspects the new kids are something other than ‘kids.’

Complicating matters is the way Thatcher looks at her, like she means the world to him because he has visions too. The pair find themselves caught between danger and longing.

Will Thatcher save her?

Or like his visions have predicted -kill her?

Profoundly thrilling, Bellocaro captures the life and death struggle for these teenagers on an island that isn’t as dormant as it appears. Readers Favorite Award-winning, best selling author P.S. Meraux brings humor and heat to this novel that will drive fans of vampire love stories wild with enthusiasm.

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Meet P.S. Meraux!

After completing her degree in broadcast journalism at USC in 1996, P.S. Meraux used her love of writing to land multiple jobs in broadcasting, winning several awards, including a DuPont – Columbia University Award and an Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences [] for breaking news coverage of the 2004 Asian Tsunami. Rising through the ranks to editor, she claimed a spot at a major publishing house before branching out on her own to write novels in 2013, which have won numerous awards, including several Readers’ Favorite accolades.

“Bellocaro” was inspired by P.S. Meraux’s investigation of the current subject matter available to readers of the popular teen romance vampire genre and the startling revelation that followed about the lack of quality books with good plots to keep the reader guessing. In this novel, she explores the concept of how romance might look if the female protagonist knew that her vampire- suitor had already foreseen her death in a vision.

Bellocaro follows teenager, Skye Moon, after she is mysteriously transported to a magical island, as she navigates the pitfalls of teenage boys, new friends, and unexpected danger after she meets a strange and compelling boy, Thatcher Blue, in the woods. She is targeted by a vengeful vampire just for being near Thatcher.  

When reading the book, readers will be sure to challenge their own beliefs about premonitions, and the risks a person is willing to take for love. The book is suited to anyone living in today’s digital age and is not limited to the young adult paranormal romance audience.

Bellocaro is P.S. Meraux’s ninth novel. Due to her expertise in both young adult themes and fictional vampire environments, she is uniquely positioned to intertwine such subjects to examine the complex questions surrounding the love lives of immortals.

You can find P.S. Meraux on Twitter at [] and her book, Bellocaro, is available in two formats: Kindle and paperback.

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Author: P.S. Meraux

Publisher: Amazon Publishing

 Publish Date: October 11th, 2020





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