Gifts for the Harry Potter Super Fan (aka Potterheads!)



*Contributed by Kelly, Staff Reviewer*


You have the robe, the wand, and the personalized letter from Hogwarts. You’re ready for the next step.

This list of Gifts for the Harry Potter Super Fan isn’t just for any old muggle. Below you’ll find merchandise suitable for only the most dedicated Harry Potter fan.

Here is what you’ll require… 

A Quidditch Set 



A Time Turner 




A Butterbeer Candle 




Spell Wall Decal 




The Marauder’s Cups 




Ministry of Magic Entry Sticker 




The Hardcover Book Set … in a Hogwarts trunk. 




A Deathly Hallows Desk Lamp 




A Hogwarts Writing Quill 




A Firebolt 




And the Dumbledore’s Army Wand Set