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Geraldine Pu is back in another easy-to-read graphic novel that addresses self-esteem issues children may have while representing the Asian-American population. After going to the hair salon with her grandmother, Geraldine takes notice of all the different hairstyles and how hers is just boring and straight. Her grandmother's hair is curly and she admits when she was younger, she wanted straight hair like Geraldine's. But this doesn't make Geraldine feel any better.

Thankfully, she has her cat hat, which is so adorable that everyone in her school loves it. However, hats aren't allowed in school, so Geraldine is forced to take it off. At home, she considers cutting and styling her own hair and quickly realizes that she has to be careful about who's watching her, especially her younger brother.

The illustrations are adorable and the writing style is perfect for younger readers aged six and up. From Geraldine, children can learn the importance of accepting and liking yourself for who you are. Geraldine is very creative in the end and encourages others to think outside of the box, which is another great lesson.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to children aged six and up who enjoy graphic novels and who are currently in school. The school setting makes this story even more relatable and I look forward to learn more life lessons from Geraldine Pu.
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