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Middle Grade Fiction 204
Exciting sequel in the Fright Watch series
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Quinn and Mike hoped life would go back to normal after they defeated the Oldies on Goodie Lane. Unfortunately, they have new neighbors now who seem just as suspicious. The five women all work for the same interior design firm, they always wear white, and it always feels cold around them. Quinn's friend, Lex, is fascinated by the Ladies in White with their elegance and sophistication. When they offer Lex an internship, she eagerly signs up. But the more time Lex spends with them, the more worried Quinn gets. The Ladies in White are acting stranger and stranger, and Lex seems to be fading more with each day. It's up to Quinn and Mike to figure out what's going on...before it's too late.

I really enjoyed the first book in the Fright Watch series, and this was an enjoyable follow up! Mike and Quinn are still struggling with the horrors they faced from the Oldies, and Mike is especially reluctant to believe anything out of the ordinary is going on with the Ladies in White. Even Quinn starts to question what the truth is and if she's seeing terrors where there aren't any. The Ladies in White are a different kind of scary than they've faced before, but just as fierce and seemingly impossible to defeat.

The secondary characters really shine in this series. I loved Mike's flirtation with Quinn, Grandma Jane's fun personality, and the fascinating backstory behind this book's antagonists. Lex is also well developed, and it makes complete sense why she's drawn to the Ladies in White and wants so badly for everything to be positive with them.

With the issues and feelings Mike, Quinn, and Lex are dealing with, the Fright Watch series makes an excellent pick for readers wanting upper MG titles, especially those of the scary variety.
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