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Highly recommended for fans of RL Stine and Camp Murderface
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Quinn’s neighborhood is mostly normal, until you look at Goodie Lane. The residents of Goodie Lane have lived there for as long as anyone remembers, but something is off about them. They don’t seem to age. Quinn and her friend, Mike, have started an investigation into them. Quinn thinks something supernatural is going on, while Mike hypothesizes the “Oldies” just had a lot of plastic surgery. As they dive deeper into the case, the scarier it gets. It soon becomes clear someone doesn’t want them asking questions…and they’ll make sure Quinn and Mike stop.

Reasons to read THE STITCHERS:
1.) The suspense/horror: The Oldies are a creepy, creepy bunch. There is also an added mystery of a girl who died decades ago who may be connected to them. THE STITCHERS has the perfect level of spooky while still being a good fit for middle grade audiences who might not be ready for Stephen King level horror.
2.) The realistic depiction of being a 12/13 year old: Quinn is at a point in her childhood development that we don’t always see a lot of in middle grade. She’s starting to have a serious crush, has her sights set on making captain of her track team, and frequently feels awkward and uncomfortable. Her emotions and the interactions with her friend group and teammates feels authentic and relatable.
3.) The nuances of grief: In the first few pages, we learn that Quinn has recently lost her father and is still adjusting to life without him. She’s at a stage where she can get through the day to day and focus on school and life, but she misses him and thinks of him often, especially as the investigation gets more intense.

THE STITCHERS is highly recommended for fans of RL Stine and Camp Murderface.
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