Friendship's Gallop

Friendship's Gallop
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October 06, 2020
A homesteader's son and a Lakota Indian boy become steadfast friends through music, horsemanship, and simple adventure. However, their friendship is ultimately tested as they are forced to choose sides amid the Cavalry's attempt to purge the Indian boy's tribe from the frontier.

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An Unlikely Friendship
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When David is younger, he gets attacked by Native Americans, and is brought to their camp. Here, they apologize for the discrimination and explain they're going to let him return home. While at their camp, he meets Painting Horse and offers to trade his harmonica for his flute. Painting Horse is excited to make the trade but they can't understand each other since they speak different languages.

As David gets older, he decides to join the calvary but always keeps the Lakota boy he met in the back of his mind. Then, as fate would have it, they meet again during an attack. Painting Horse still has David's harmonica and it's how David recognizes him. Despite their differences and the divided world they live in, they develop a friendship that overlooks those traits. They form a bond that is stronger than the discrimination around them.

FRIENDSHIP's GALLOP is an inspirational short story about how true friendship doesn't see color or traits. It doesn't matter what their background is because their bond is that strong. I love the character development and how the story is written for the correct time period. The writing feels a bit stiff and underdeveloped in some places but overall this is a thought-provoking, easy read.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of unlikely friendships and ones that touch on sensitive topics like discrimination against Native Americans. It's nice seeing Native Americans getting more representation.
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