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What I Loved:

The tense, atmospheric tone of FIND ME makes for a compulsively readable story. The suspense never relents, and as more questions are raised and the villain circles near, it's almost painful to keep reading because the reader is convinced that Wick is destined for a terrible fate. The mark of a good psychological thriller is a steady escalation of isolation for the main character and an increasing sense that every other character cannot be trusted, and FIND ME does this exceptionally well.

Many readers will also enjoy the narrative voice of Wick, the heroine, although some may find it harder to connect to Wick's tough, bitter brand of loneliness. Wick is smart without convincing the reader that she cannot be outsmarted, she's courageous while still consistently convincing the reader that she's afraid (and for good reason), and she is able to adapt to her changing circumstances while still leaving the reader worried that she won't adapt fast enough to save herself. Her inner emotional journey of mistrust and loneliness is well-supported by her life circumstances, and she never acts out of character. As a whole, Wick makes for an intriguing heroine whose voice works well for this story.

What Left Me Wanting More:

The main issue I had was with Griff, Wick's eventual love interest. He exhibits dangerous stalking behavior early on (spying on her through her bedroom window and eventually entering her room when she isn't there), and I'm pleased that Wick calls him on it, but unhappy that she decides to accept his behavior as if it's fine. The tipping point for me, though, was when Griff has the ability to help Wick with her dangerous situation but refuses to unless she kisses him (they've never kissed before). She initially resists, but then caves when it's clear that he won't give her what she needs unless she pays for it with physical affection. That isn't romantic. That's treating a girl's body like a commodity. I would be fine with that if Wick called him on it and distanced herself from him romantically, but she again just accepts it and continues her relationship with him.

Final Verdict:

Relentless tension and a steady escalation of mistrust and fear make FIND ME a compulsively readable psychological thriller.
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