Featured Review: The Call by Peadar O’Guilin



About this book:


The Hunger Games meets horror in this unforgettable thriller where only one thing is certain . . . you will be Called. Thousands of years ago, humans banished the Sidhe fairy race to another dimension. The beautiful, terrible Sidhe have stewed in a land of horrors ever since, plotting their revenge . . . and now their day has come. Fourteen-year-old Nessa lives in a world where every teen will be “Called.” It could come in the middle of the day, it could come deep in the night. But one instant she will be here, and the next she will wake up naked and alone in the Sidhe land. She will be spotted, hunted down, and brutally murdered. And she will be sent back in pieces by the Sidhe to the human world . . . unless she joins the rare few who survive for twenty-four hours and escape unscathed. Nessa trains with her friends at an academy designed to maximize her chances at survival. But as the days tick by and her classmates go one by one, the threat of her Call lurks ever closer . . . and with it the threat of an even more insidious danger closer to home.



*Review Contributed by Jazmen Greene, Staff Reviewer*


Gruesome tale of death and survival

This is one of the more stranger books I’ve read, but it was unique in every way. Think Miss Peregrine’s Home for Pecuilar Children meets anything Tim Burton can come up with–in a weird dystopian world. Got that? Okay good. 🙂


The Call is not for the tame or the faint-hearted. At times it got quite gruesome, and quite often stepped outside of reality.


In The Call, there are several POV’s–for the most part the transition between POV’s were seamless–but at times, it wasn’t causing me to stumble in my reading a bit. 


But, this was a unique book with a unique premise and even more unique characters.


In fact it is the “uniqueness” of this novel that is its strong suit. It’s definitely unlike anything I’ve ever read, and I think those of you who enjoy all things strange will revel in this book–and it’s other worldliness. 


It’s absolutely otherworldly.


To be honest, my thoughts are a little jumbled on this one. On the one hand, this was interesting, and unique book. On the other, I am completely weirded out and couldn’t explain this book if I tried.


It’s one of those books you have to read to understand–but be warned it’s a scary place to be. 


If I had to say, I’d say it’s worth reading if you really enjoy horror, and don’t mind a little blood. Pretty perfect for the upcoming holiday–Halloween, of course. *insert evil laugh here.*


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