Featured Review: New World Order (S. M. McEachern)


About This Book:

In the third book of the Sunset Rising trilogy, Sunny O’Donnell is determined to find Jack and bring him home. With the high-tech assistance of Doc, Sunny, Summer and Reyes, team up with people from the Nation to set out into a lawless post apocalyptic world. But as the ruthlessness of the recruiters unfolds amidst the discovery of betrayals within their own group, friends will become enemies and enemies will become friends on a journey that will lead to a New World Order.



*Review Contributed by Jan Farnworth, Staff Reviewer*

What I liked:
A great final book about those suppressed in the Pit striving to overthrow those who stop and bring about a better world for all that what more than what the bourge has planned for this world. This is a well-thought-out series that builds on each novel, and even though this is the final book, the author tells us there are more stories to come set in this world and that she knows there is more to explore beyond these three books.
The added sci-fi technology in this third felt a little out of place since we don’t see any hint of it in the first books, but it did work to move the story along in these three book. The uniqueness of this series makes for an exciting adventure as we follow the story of jack and sunny from the Pit, a bourge rising together to forge a better path.
Final Verdict:
This is a fantastic ending to a well-thought-out series, and I am excited to check out the satellite stories and see where the author goes with the world.



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