Featured Review: I’m Dreaming of a Wyatt Christmas (Tiffany Schmidt)



About This Book:

Ballet and babysitting bring two teens together in this very merry holiday rom-com from the author of the acclaimed Bookish Boyfriends series

Noelle Partridge is known for three things: being the best ballet dancer, babysitter, and person with the most Christmas spirit in her small town. But lately she’s bored by the lessons at her dance school, and her friends and father are more bah humbug than deck the halls. So when her favorite babysitting clients ask her to accompany them on a ski trip over winter break, she packs her bags for the slopes. It helps that they’re offering double her rate–she’ll need the money for Beacon, an elite ballet academy that has granted her an audition.

Noelle is ready to have fa la la la fun, until Wyatt, the older half-brother of her babysitting charges, decides to surprise his family for the holiday. He’s one of the best dancers at Beacon, and makes Noelle’s head spin faster than pirouettes. Unfortunately, she also manages to step on his toes–spoiling his surprise and complicating his secret plans. After a few missteps, Noelle and Wyatt begin to thaw toward each other and bond over the big decisions looming in each of their lives. With enough Christmas magic, Noelle might just start the New Year with lots of babysitting cash in her pocket and a chance with the pas de deux partner of her dreams.



*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*

I’M DREAMING OF A WYATT CHRISTMAS is a charming YA rom-com read about family, ballet, and the holidays. Noelle is a dedicated ballerina who lost her mother several years ago. She is now a freshman in high school and feeling a bit adrift when it comes to her absent-minded father, who had always said he was on her side but lately has been working too much to notice her. However, it’s about to be the Christmas season, which Noelle dominates with all the holiday activities with both her friends and her father – but this year, no one else seems to be into it.

When one of her favorite babysitting families asks her along on their Christmas trip to babysit for them while they ski, Noelle agrees with the assumption her father will turn them down. However, she is surprised when he agrees, and she travels with them and their two little ones. She believes that their attractive stepbrother, Wyatt, who goes to the boarding ballet school Noelle dreams about, will not be there this year – and is shocked when he arrives to surprise the family. He is less than thrilled to see her, and things only go from awkward to even more awkward. As they muddle through the holiday season, Noelle and Wyatt each come to realizations about their own lives and must confront their own truths, all while celebrating the holidays with his family.

The characters in this were really fun and completely charming. Wyatt’s whole family was delightful, including his 8 and 4 year old stepsiblings, who often stole the show with aplomb. His parents were also something special, filling the role as surrogate parents for Noelle as well, even while she struggles with the role of babysitter/guest on this trip. The romance was also sweet and cute, beginning with lots of awkward moments but traveling into deeper conversations.

Where the book really shines is in capturing all the magic and joy of the holidays – especially when spent with friends and families. I loved all the Christmasy moments captured, including gingerbread house contests, magical tree lightings, plenty of cocoa, and carols. Even if they don’t always go to plan, this book screams holiday read from start to finish and really put readers in the mood.

Overall, this YA rom-com was a cute read that examines family and its complexities, following your dreams, falling in love, and the joy of the holidays. Highly recommend for younger YA readers looking for romance and holiday spirit in a seasonal read.



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