Featured Review: Hotel Magnifique (Emily J. Taylor)

About This Book:

Decadent and darkly enchanting, this lavish YA fantasy debut follows seventeen-year-old Jani as she uncovers the deeply disturbing secrets of the legendary Hotel Magnifique.

All her life, Jani has dreamed of Elsewhere. Just barely scraping by with her job at a tannery, she’s resigned to a dreary life in the port town of Durc, caring for her younger sister Zosa. That is, until the Hotel Magnifique comes to town.

The hotel is legendary not only for its whimsical enchantments, but also for its ability to travel—appearing in a different destination every morning. While Jani and Zosa can’t afford the exorbitant costs of a guest’s stay, they can interview to join the staff, and are soon whisked away on the greatest adventure of their lives. But once inside, Jani quickly discovers their contracts are unbreakable and that beneath the marvelous glamour, the hotel is hiding dangerous secrets.

With the vexingly handsome doorman Bel as her only ally, Jani embarks on a mission to unravel the mystery of the magic at the heart of the hotel and free Zosa—and the other staff—from the cruelty of the ruthless maître d’hôtel. To succeed, she’ll have to risk everything she loves, but failure would mean a fate far worse than never returning home.

*Review Contributed by Jan Farnworth, Staff Reviewer*

What I liked:
The setup is a magical hotel that travels mysteriously every night at midnight, but something dark lingers behind all the metaphysical attributes. Desperate to make things better for herself and her sister, the pair apply for jobs at the hotel. Jani quickly realizes that the guests are treated to a luxurious experience at a high cost, but the staff thinks something is not quite right.
Final Verdict:
I adored this book, it is fast-paced, an exciting mystery, and a pair of siblings you will love. If you adore mystery and magic stories mixed with a strong sister bond, this is the book you need.
Audiobook Review: The narrator does an excellent job pacing this delightful creepy mystery about a magical hotel that travels to a new location each night at midnight. The magical details told about this exquisite, whimsical hotel were so well done I could see the hotel in my mind’s eye. I was drawn in from the first word to the last.

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