Featured Review: Gridiron Girl (Tamara Girardi)



About This Book:

Fun friendships, high school romance, and intense competition are at the heart of book one in Tamara Girardi’s swoon-worthy, young-adult contemporary series.

Julia Medina, dubbed Jules by her closest friends, wants to be the new, starting quarterback of Iron Valley High School’s football team, and no one is going to stand in her way. That is—until her boyfriend, Owen Malone, steps up to the challenge. Wanting to maintain her relationship with her boyfriend, Jules is torn. But while Owen is in her heart, football is in her blood.

Once the idea takes root to quit her championship volleyball team and join the leagues of Iron Valley’s toughest teenage boys, there’s no stopping Jules from pursuing her dream. In her mind, expectations that the position will go to a male player have gone on long enough, and, even as her decision creates controversy among the booster parents, school coaches, family members, and team members themselves, Jules holds strong in her beliefs.

Which is good—because when parents hear that Jules plans to participate in overnight pre-season camp with a staff of male coaches and eighty high school boys, her tryout is threatened more than ever before. Yet, nobody can deny Jules’ skills. As the youngest sister of three former high school quarterbacks, Jules knows the game. She knows what it takes to outsmart opponents, and she’s not about to let anyone count her out for being a girl.

But as the competition intensifies, Jules must choose what she wants more—to embrace girl power and lead her team on the field, or be a girlfriend on the sidelines.

Gridiron Girl will inspire you to follow your vision, instead of those dictated by others. Perfect for fans of Better than Perfect by Simone Elkeles and On the Fence by Kasie West.



*Review Contributed by Bethany Wicker, Listings Manager*

Julia Medina comes from a football family, except for her mom who coaches volleyball. Growing burnt out playing volleyball, Julia realizes there’s something else that excites her. Football. But trying out for football is difficult when you’re a girl because of the stigma that comes with it. Most of the guys think Julia is going to run scared after taking her first hit, but she’ll prove them all wrong and show just how tough a girl can be.

Years of playing football with her three brothers gives Julia the knowledge and experience to give the quarterback tryouts a real shot. But her boyfriend Owen is going for the same position and thinks it’s crazy that she’s trying out. Like her parents, he doesn’t want to see her get hurt. This friction places a strain on their relationship, but not even that will stop Julia. Her mind is set and her heart is in the game. Now she just has to earn the quarterback spot. The rest will fall into place as it’s supposed to.

GRIDIRON GIRL is an uplifting contemporary story about a girl whose passion for football burns hotter than anything else. Julia will give anything to play football and won’t let anyone tell her she can’t do it. Every character in this book is fantastic. I love Julia’s brothers, her family, all of the players (yes, even the rude ones), and the coaches/Christian. Every person plays a part in Julia’s rise to being a gridiron girl, but my favorites are of course Square and D. They have her back on and off the field at all times and it shows.

Final Verdict: Julia’s story is an inspiring one and I found myself getting pumped up a couple of times. Tamara Girardi’s writing style makes the reader place their own heart into the story since all of Julia’s emotions are palpable through the words. I would recommend this to fans of sports, coming of age, and strong female leads. I like how Girardi keeps the focus on Julia rather than this being a romance story.



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