Featured Review: Ferryman (Claire McFall)



About This Book:

After a deadly train crash, the afterlife is waiting for Dylan. But that’s only if she and her intriguing Ferryman can make it across the demon-infested wasteland—and if she can bear to let him go.

When Dylan wakes up after her train has crashed, she thinks she has survived unscathed. But she couldn’t be more mistaken: the bleak landscape around her isn’t Scotland, it’s a wasteland—a terrain somehow shaped by her own feelings and fears, a border to whatever awaits her in the afterlife. And the stranger sitting by the train track isn’t an ordinary teenage boy. Tristan is a Ferryman, tasked with guiding Dylan’s soul safely across the treacherous landscape, a journey he has made a thousand times before. Only this time, something’s different. The crossing, as ever, is perilous, with ravenous wraiths hounding the two at each day’s end, hungry for Dylan’s soul. But as Dylan focuses her strength on survival, with Tristan as protector, challenger, and confidant, she begins to wonder where she is truly meant to be—and what she must risk to get there. An international bestseller with a phenomenal following, the award-winning Ferryman (with its sequels Trespassers and Outcasts) is in development to be a major motion picture.



*Review Contributed by Bethany Wicker, Listings Manager*

Dylan wakes up after a trainwreck and thinks she’s unharmed. The first thing she notices is the other passengers are nowhere to be seen. The only person she discovers is Tristan, an emotionally detached boy who seems to be around her age. But soon she discovers she’s passed on and is stuck in the “in-between”. Tristan is her key to moving on.

In FERRYMAN, the reader witnesses Dylan’s journey with an innocent romance along the way. Tristan is cold at first, which makes sense considering his job. Dylan seems to accept her death a little quickly but it was interesting watching how she grows and learns as the story goes on.

FERRYMAN is a retelling from Greek mythology that contains a slow-paced romance, along with adventure and fantasy. The author does an amazing job at world building and her writing is alluring enough to hold your attention. There are abrupt point of view changes from one paragraph to the next that can get a little confusing, but overall it’s an interesting read. The mythological elements are what enthralled me the most.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this book to those who love Greek Mythology, fantasy retellings, and slower paced with lots of world-building.



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