Featured Review: Emmie and the Tudor Queen (Natalie Murray)


About This Book:

True love has never been more deadly in this lush sequel to the best-selling Emmie and the Tudor King. For an extraordinary love, Emmie Grace has given up her life in the modern world to move to the sixteenth century and marry the Tudor king she bravely saved from a dreadful fate. However, not everyone is pleased to see the glorious King Nick betrothed to the unknown and uncultured Emmie—especially the noblemen commanded to protect her. As Emmie is drawn deeper into Nick’s sumptuous and savage world—where beheadings are way more popular than time travelers—the Tudor court heads on progress across the country, and a growing rebellion against the promised queen looms. With life and love at stake, Emmie must face the cost of changing the path of history and realize that her greatest sacrifice is yet to come.



*Review Contributed by Elisha Jachetti, Staff Reviewer*

EMMIE AND THE TUDOR QUEEN by Natalie Murray is the much-needed follow-up to the first book in this series. As it stands, Emmie has decided to go all-in with Nick, but unfortunately, just because the two of them have chosen each other, doesn’t mean the rest of the court, nobility, or country will support that. In fact, just the opposite happens, and Emmie finds herself in a very precarious position. Nick, try as he might, has to face the reality that there are certain things even he can’t protect Emmie from, and despite holding the highest position in the land, he can’t will everything to be as he wishes.

This sequel delves into the nitty-gritty of Emmie and Nick figuring out how to make their relationship work. Spoiler alert: it’s not super easy. This element is probably what I appreciate most about this book. Like Claire in OUTLANDER, Emmie is sure she’s found her match in the past, but unlike Claire, she’s unclear on whether that’s a good enough reason to stay there. This one-foot-in, one-foot-out feeling keeps Nick spiraling, and creates a fair deal of conflict. Even my heart couldn’t take the flip-flopping!

That being said, I enjoyed seeing Nick find all the ways he could to make Emmie comfortable in his time, most notably the construction of her jewelry workshop. While the events of the story understandably keep her out of there, I would’ve loved to see her whip out fantastic jewelry that redeemed her to the court in some small way and to see the couple enjoy a time of peace. Unfortunately, aside from fleeting moments, they’re not granted that. I also enjoyed the new additions to court with Emmie’s ladies. They have a fun and light dynamic that counterbalances the political manipulations happening outside of Emmie’s chambers.

Overall, EMMIE AND THE TUDOR QUEEN is a fantastic sequel that introduces realistic tension and obstacles, while simultaneously upping the romance in such a way that will make you really root for these two even in the most impossible circumstances. The ending cliff hanger is brutal and will leave you reaching for book three with no time to spare.



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