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FALLOUT is fresh, engaging, and impossible to put down. From the first page, readers will be captivated by the voice of Lois Lane, narrator and rebel with a hundred causes. The author perfectly captures Lois's indomitable spirit while also giving us a glimpse of ordinary teen loneliness and a deep desire to finally make friends (in her umpteenth new school) that last. Lois is flawed (headstrong meets refusal to lean on others for help), but she learns her lessons. And even in her flaws, the warrior for righting wrongs that is the core of her being shines through every decision. Her character is engaging and enjoyable, the arc is well-developed, and readers are going to be begging for more books in this series the second they close the last page.

The pacing is spot-on, with just enough breathing spaces between the increasingly tense mystery that Lois is trying to unravel. The mystery itself was fascinating, and the little nuggets placed in the plot for those who love the original Superman series will delight fans without making any part of the book incomprehensible to those who are new to the franchise. The fast-paced plot, along with the engaging characters, make this a perfect book for reluctant readers as well.

FALLOUT is a compelling, fascinating story that will have readers anxious to read another installment of teenage Lois Lane. I highly recommend it.
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