Faith: Greater Heights

Faith: Greater Heights
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November 02, 2021
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Faith Herbert can finally admit that she’s not a regular teen—and take advantage of her new flying superpowers. After the chaos of her first semester, Faith just wants to end her senior year in a normal way—enjoying all the hallmarks of graduating high school, like prom, with her best friends Matt and Ches.

But a cryptic warning about psiots going missing and a rash of inexplicable fires means things are off to a strange start. Life goes from weird to worse when Colleen Bristow, the quiet nerd-turned-supervillain, reappears, acting like nothing ever happened.

As if that weren’t enough, rumored sightings of Faith’s ex, the beautiful Dakota Ash, who was thought to have died months ago in the warehouse fire that exposed more than a few secrets, start to emerge. Faith can’t seem to shake Dakota’s betrayal from that tragic day, but she also can’t help hoping the rumors are true. . . .

As Faith tries to balance her quest for a memorable senior year and the heartbreak of Grandma Lou’s increasing decline, she learns to have faith in herself—and that sometimes fate will point you in the right direction.

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Faith Greater Heights
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What worked: Satisfying conclusion to a new plus-sized superheroine. I loved the further antics of Faith and her friends. In this sequel, Faith is trying to deal with her grandmother going into an assisted living facility while making sense of her nemesis Colleen's return to school. In the first book, Colleen had been part of an experiment and ended up torching most everything in her path with her fire ability. Add to that other shady characters and fast-paced action with one endearing new superheroine.

I really love Faith. She's more of the reluctant heroine throughout. She loves her close-knit group of friends, her grandmother, and even her newfound ability of flying. She's also a teen most can identify with. She's willing to do anything for her friends and a love interest that just happens to return on the scene.

The action scene during a Prom gives a whole new meaning to high school drama. There's also a new reveal on psiots and I can't help but wonder if there might in fact be a spin-off book in the future?

Kudos for the events of the previous novel woven in throughout so readers don't forget what happened.

Fun, action-packed conclusion to superheroine Faith Herbert's adventures. Guaranteed to appeal to fans of superhero novels with characters that are easy to relate to.

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1. Satisfying conclusion to a new superheroine
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