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Fae's Prisoner Review
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After reading Queens of the Fae, I had such mixed feelings about Griffin... but now I love him! This book caught my attention early, and I could not stop reading. For those who've read the other series, it builds off the world we already know and love, but you can read this without the others. (Although, I highly recommend all the books.)

Griffin is such a unique character. It's very much a redemption story, and it's well done so far. I love seeing this new, more mature side of him. We even see him caring for a young boy like a son (not a spoiler, it's shown in the very beginning). I'm also very intrigued by some of the new characters brought into the story.

It's really hard to talk about the book without spoiling things, but just know that it's fantastic and I cannot wait for the next one!
Good Points
- Redemption story
- Intriguing characters
- Beautiful world building
- Eager to read the rest of the series
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