The Nightmare Affair (The Arkwell Academy #1)

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Commoner's Ransom: The Nightmare Affair
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I love the weird and whacky supernatural creatures we don't get to see often. Beings that feed off people's dreams definitely fit in that category. That unfamiliar mythology and the fact that Nightmares reminded me of maras from Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series pretty much guaranteed I was going to give this book a chance.

Murder Mystery

I love my mystery shows. I don't often read crime books, but I don't mind having a mystery as a side plot. Especially one as dark and mysterious as a serial killer.


I was disappointed with The Nightmare Affair. The mythology was good! What little there was. The rest just kind of fell short. Predictability was a big problem, as was the fact that the twists literally came from nowhere, there was no set up whatsoever. I had no idea where they came from. None of the major climatic events were that exciting either. I couldn't care less what was happening. I just thought it was 'meh'. I don't think I'll be continuing the series.


Once again, 'meh'. There was nothing special about this writing. It was kind of boring. Lots of info dumping and a complete lack of imagery, which was my biggest issue. We were told quite a lot of things. Sometimes Dusty was fairly humourous, but the jokes were pretty lame more often than not or I missed the reference/tag line completely. I think it may have been more suited to people a little younger.

Destiny/Dusty Everhart

Dusty is so clumsy it is ridiculous. There is no way that much stuff could go wrong in reality. (Life, please don't prove me wrong) This fact, along with her flat personality, made it really hard to connect with Dusty. My honest thoughts on her was that she was okay. Her obliviousness was annoying quite a bit, and her humour silly, and I can't think of anything that stood out as really good about her.

Eli Booker

There is no way Eli would exist as a real person. No one is as good as Eli is. It's impossible. Really nice guy who gives off a bad boy attitude. Really well built and fit, a jock, but still stands up for the nerds. Smart, sarcastic, perfect. He is way too well rounded to exist in reality. This could just be stereotypes rubbing off on me but seriously, Eli cannot be real. He has no flaws!!

Paul (his last name is one of the obvious plot developments but still slightly spoilery)

Dusty might think Paul is a really wonderful nice guy, but I was never certain. Like Eli, he was too nice, too convenient. I never liked him. He was too suspicious. And it was so obvious where his development and motivations were going.


The romance in The Nightmare Affair didn't really exist. The was no chemistry, no anticipation, no build up. It happened to way to fast and as a result, I did not care about the relationship at all. This is strange for me because I always ship characters. Always. It probably didn't help that I could tell where the relationships were heading as soon as the males were introduced. (Oh yeah, it's a love triangle).

-Dusty x Eli
-Lance x a fist to the face
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