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A bloody recipe for success
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Well, Ive finally got enough stuff unpacked that I can take some time to do some reviews (about time, I know, I know). Tantalize was actually an absorbing enough read that it took me away from all that packing I did before we moved (dont tell my husband).

Quincie Morris (anyone catch the tribute in her name to the original Dracula book?) has had a lot of loss in her young life. Her parents were killed three years ago. Her best friend (and first love) is a werewolf-hybrid planning on going on some werewolf-related rite of passage that she cant participate in.

Just when things are looking up (she and her Uncle D., her guardian, are about to re-open the family restaurant as a vampire-themed hot spot), another tragedy strikes. Vaggio, the chef and a family friend for years, is murdered in the restaurants kitchen.

Based on the method of the murder (claw marks), Quincies friend Kieren is a prime suspect. Quincie loves him, but shes not completely sure what to think. Then Henry Johnson enters the picture as the new chef.

At first, Quincie doesnt think a lot of him. But as she works with him trying to prepare him for his role as the Dark Lord of the kitchen, he starts to grow on her. Is there more to Henry (aka Bradley Sanguini) than meets the eye? What about Uncle Ds vampire-wanna-be girlfriend? Or the various other were-people that keep popping up (just picture a giant opossum&I dare you). Is Kieren friend or foe? And just what is going on with Quincie herself?

Tantalize is a real thrill ride&a very rare story indeed (sorry, sometimes you cant help a pun). Recommended for readers aged 14 and up due to a bit of sexually charged content. I think youll like this one. I know I did. I cant help but wonder if well hear more from Quincie in the future.
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