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For YA lovers with little to no experience in the genre of graphic novels, Breaking Up is a good place to start. This cute, quick, and wonderfully illustrated romantic drama depicts the junior year of four best friends: socially conscious Mackenzie, sassy but restricted Isabel, sweet Erika, and artsy Chloe.

Eleventh grade brings about many changes for the girls. Once, they used to spend all their free time together. Now, however, Mackenzie can often be found trailing after Nicola, the most popular girl in school with the hottest boyfriend, Gabe, whom Mackenzie likes. Isabel struggles to convince her parents to let her date, and Erika has trouble deciding whether or not to go the next step with her longtime boyfriend Kyle.

Meanwhile, Chloe has befriended Adam Stevenson, a certified geek loser, according to people like Mackenzie. Chloe and Adam talk every day in art class, and Chloe finds him smart, sweet, and sensitive. However, Chloe is afraid that her friends will not approve of him, and so decides to date him in secret.

What will happen when her friends discover that shes been lying to them, though? Growing up also means changing. Will the girls friendship survive the different people that theyve become?

Drama most certainly occurs in high school, and readers will relate to Mackenzie, Isabel, Erika, and Chloes problems and conflicts. Yet BREAKING UP happily leaves us with hope and the enduring nature of true friendship.
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