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the most important facts on this book, which is great by the way
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Reader reviewed by Tamanna

*She is the middle child in the family
*She has an older sister who is the most popular girl in school, and a little sister who is a genius
*Her parents and other people do not like her the most because she wears all black showing that she mourns todays society
*Her old sis, Lucy, and young Rebecca, herself, Samantha (Sam)
*One day, Lucy shows her parents a drawing that she made, and she is very good, so parents make her take art classes with a teacher who only wants her to draw what she sees and not what she wants to draw in her heart
*She hates the teacher
*She loves Ska music
*She lives Washington D.C.
*She has a crush on Lucys boyfriend, Jack, whom she thinks would be better with her because they both are artists and she wont abandon him.
*One day she skips class, hangs out at a music store, and listens to samples of her favorite songs.
*She sits at the curb and waits for Theresa to pick her up, and then the president goes into Capitol Cookies, which she thinks is strange, since he should probably order them and get them delivered. It is raining too.
*Then this person next to her pulls out a big gun from under his rain poncho and aims for the president. Sam, though never brave or poking in other peoples stuff, jumps him, and accidentally breaks her wrist, and saves the president from a direct hit to the head.
*Now she is very popular. In the hospital, all of the presidents guards guard her since the man couldve been part of a terrorist group, which might now want revenge.
*She is shocked to find millions of reporters and other people outside of the hospital. She is getting many gifts. She had never had this much attention.
* She has now turned from the most unpopular person ever to the most popular person ever
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