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SUMMARY: Samantha Madisons life was the pits. She had a cheerleader older sister and a genius younger sister. Her family disapproves of her wardrobe (which was all nicely protestant black) and she was flunking German, a language that was probably useless to her anyways. To make things worse, she just saved the president and suddenly everyone thinks shes some kind of hero (NOT true!). Sam is appointed teen ambassador to the UN, which is really more of a name than a job, and everyone seems to think shes dating the presidents son!

This is a typical Meg Cabot story, so it was full of wit and humor. In All-American Girl the characters are solid and oh so very real. I winced and blushed at the embarrassing moments, sighed with glee at the romantic scenes, and just plain laughed out loud at the comedy. Loved it!
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