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When I first saw the book Twilight, or even saw the cover, I didn't seem interested in it, even when I read the back details. Vampire romance? Who would want to read something that doesn't happen in your average ordinary life? LIke Sarah Dessen, I thought her books were very interesting. But, when I saw all my friends reading it, and talking about it, I grew curious, of what was in that book that makes everyone feel the way they are??? So, I gave up, and read it. When I did, I felt a new feeling in my heart, like I knew what true love really ment to real lovers. The parts that I didn't like, though, when in the second book, when he leaves Bella, it was sad, and in the same time, nonrealistic. I think Bella's reaction should have been bigger than what she did. When you lose a true love, it's almost impossible to love again, when your heart has a hole missing. I think Stephenie Meyer, has a beautiful imagination, and I myself, am trying to write a book about vampire romance, but I don't want it to look similar to Stephenie Meyer's. I hope she gets the Third book, and let it go out in stores in the summer, not in October. Again, both books changed my opinion in true love. But I wished for it to be a little more realistic... again nothing's perfect...
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