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Well I can't admit that it was useless. I have read Twilight about 6 times since it came out and I waited anxiously for New Moon to come out. Edward made me swoon and in my mind he was the perfect handsome vampire. I had hoped for some more of his flitting glances towards Bella, his feather light touches. Unfortunately all I got was a few pages in the beginning and a conclusion that ended without a cliffhanger.

Once I started reading it, I realized that it was too dull. From the point at which Edward became distant with Bella, I started yawning. Bella just went on and on about her terrible life.

Finally once Jacob came in like a fresh breath of air, I could sit up and enjoy the book. But even then, Bella's disinterest with Jacob made me want to shake her to her senses. The enchanting Edward is gone! Try to fix your "heart with all the holes in it" by giving in to poor Jacob, at least! I sincerely liked Jacob. He was the new man in Bella's life. He was charming and as Bella said "beautiful in a way". Why couldn't she just suck it up and get on with it? He wasn't her brother! Was she blind to see how much Jacob was suffering because of her? I didn't mind as much that there were werewolves throughout the book, but I was hoping the vampires would come in soon. The 400 pages or so of Bella's miserable darkness made me want to stop reading the book.

The Volturi were confusing to read about. It seemed that they had been praised about before by Carlisle, and then suddenly they were an evil group of "bloodsuckers" that wanted to kill Edward. I couldn't understand all the secret connections and the hopefully "knowing" glances that kept shifting from one character to the other. Or maybe I was too tired to actually understand it.

I would have thought that once Edward came back into the scene, things would change. I've loved Edward since Twilight, but his reunion with Bella through till the end of the book felt strained. There was no raining of relieved kisses, only explanation after explanation of things that the audience already knew from before, and that made Bella seem even stupider than she came off as.

I was hoping that before Edward came back that something would have happened between Jacob and Bella, but nothing of the sort occured. Jacob was left ignored and Bella ran back to Edward despite his "misunderstandings".

All in all, the book was a disappointment but it held some moments that were thrilling to read. I had hoped for more romance in the book, but unfortunately, all I got was a lossely held plot that failed to be successful in keeping me interested. I was thoroughly relieved once I'd finished the book.

I eagerly await the third book, hoping with all my might that Bella will finally turn into a vampire. I don't think I could take any of her "human-ess" anymore.
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