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A dream come true...or is it?
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Many young girls have dreamed of becoming a princess (and, perhaps some young boys have dreamed of being a prince). Few of them get their wish. Statistically speaking, probably around 0.000002% of them do.

Mia is one of those "lucky" few. When she finds out that she is the sole heir to her father's throne, she completely flips out. It doesn't help that she didn't even know he was a prince to begin with.

As she suspected it might, her sudden princess status completely changes her life. Her grandmother (think Miss Manners meets the Terminator) sweeps into town and tries to mold her into a proper princess.

Just what is a proper princess?

Probably not someone who's mother is dating her Algebra teacher, or who's best friend produces T.V. documentaries and tries to boycott Asian delis.

Mia makes the best of it in the tradition of Bridget Jones and learns quite a bit about herself along the way. Check out the excerpt from chapter one of The Princess Diaries for a sneak peek at the inner workings of Mia's mind.

The book also captured the imagination of Disney; they are making it into a movie starring (among others) Mandy Moore and Julie Andrews.

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