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Entertaining, but not as good as "Twilight".
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Reader reviewed by frootloopgirl

After reading the exquisitely done novel "Twilight", I absolutely craved to know what happened next in the complicated lives of Bella Swan and her dangerous yet wonderful "boy"friend, Edward Cullen. Unfortunately, "New Moon" is only o.k., and hardly compares to "Twilight". I do, however, believe it had just as much an effect at the end as "Twilight" did, in the way that I can hardly wait until Fall 2007 for the 3rd novel, "Eclipse".

Anyway, the book begins where it left off in Twilight, following the ever progressing romance between Edward and Bella. Events change for the worse when a disastrous event on Bella's 18th birthday prompts the Cullen family to pack up and leave, leaving Bella heartbroken and empty. The story almost seems to pick up as Bella regains personality, with help from her new friend Jacob Black, who carries the weight of a secret as heavy as the Cullens'. Although the story seems to drag from the temporary loss of Edward's character, avid readers of this series will be oddly pleased when Bella begins to hear Edward's voice in her head whenever she is in impending danger. After Bella quite literally "takes a plunge" into danger, Bella's old friend, who is coincidently Edward's sister Alice Cullen, comes to town to find out if the rumor of Bella's death is true. Before Alice and Bella head to Spain to show Edward that Bella is walking and talking, he calls to speak to Bella's father saying he is his father, Carlisle, and Jacob Black accidentally tells him that he is at a funeral, leaving Edward to further believe that Bella is dead. Alice and Bella then jump a plane to Italy to prevent an Italian family from granting Edward his death wish, and if you haven't read "Twilight" (shame on you, read that first!), I won't spoil the reason of why that is the only way Edward can die.

I won't tell what happens at the end.

You'll have to find out what happens yourself!

Also, I recommend "Twilight" and "New Moon" to anyone romantic and just a tad twisted. :)
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