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Hail to the Chief!
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Reader reviewed by Amanda

Meg Cabot is a hillariously funny writer. Her writing is creative and cool. Even though it is so outrageous, it is real and possible.

Samantha Madison is a normal Washington D.C. high school girl. She uses her time to draw her friends and celebrities the likes of James van der Beek and Heath Ledger. Her sister, the popular Lucy, tells her parents to get her in trouble. Sam is sent to an art class with quite an old lady teacher. Susan Boone, her art teacher, wants her to, get this, draw what she sees. What is up with that? Her sister’s boyfriend, Jack Ryder, is an artist rebel. Of course, he believes in drawing what you know. Then, on top of this, Sam is in “love” with him. She idolizes him.

On Sam’s second lesson, she skips out to go to Capitol Cookies and Static Records. When leaving Static, the President arrives to get a cookie. A strange man pulls a gun and Sam jumps on him in a moment. With help from the Secret Service and her fans, Sam finds out she is a celebrity and… SAVED THE PRESIDENT’S LIFE?!

Okay now. Why was the President there in the first place? Ahh, yes. His son was in her art class. Yes, I’m serious. Yes, the David who complimented Sam. Yes, the David who treats her very well at the White House for a dinner in her honor. Could he be in love? Sam certainly isn’t What is happening?

Meg Cabot’s work delights and excites me! This story is a gem. I love Jack’s idiocy, Sam’s blindness, and Lucy ditzyness All-American Girl is spectacular!

Any girl between 12 and 15 will adore it!
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