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hilarius and adictting
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Reader reviewed by Catherine

Ok, first off, let me say Meg Cabbot has once again made a thrilling novel. Sam, rebellios teen who is in love with her sisters boy friend, is starting to understand more and more around her. of course this is all on acident (other wise how could it be so hilarius?)She starts art lessons (a punishment for those drawings.. well really the money behind it) anyway, she begins to like the classes with the cute guy named David in her class. until one day she skippes out and guess who she saves? the president. and guess who America loves? Sam. now she was never popular having only one good friend, who was equally tormented in high school, now Sam is faced with posar people who all want to be her friend. and the even BIGGER problem? she is falling in love.. now i wont say who(that would spoil the book) but it gets pretty obvios... until she finally thinks her life is over, and then she some how makes it all better (once again i shan't say how) a very good book, one of my favorites.. anything by Meg Cabbot is sure to be extreamly HILARIUS!!!
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