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Samatha Madison is a middle child stuck between a perfect cheerleader older sister and a super brainy younger sister. After her parents discover that her artistic talent is distracting her from her schoolwork, they enroll her in an art class, something she is very unhappy about. After all, she already knows how to draw! After skipping her second art class, she "happens" to save the life of the President of the United States when she jumps the guy who tries to shoot him. Soon, Samantha Madison becomes a household name around the world as the girl who saved the president's life. If that doesn't change her life enough, she discovers that she just might have feelings for the president's son (as much as she tries to deny it) who also happens to be in her art class!

This story is very realistic and at the same time very fairytale! It has everything you need- humor, romance, fame etc. I definitely recommend it. (I own it so I've read it like five times.)
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