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Remember the Goldbergs!
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Reader reviewed by Jocelyn Pearce

Once you read Never Mind The Goldbergs, you'll certainly remember it. This funny and original novel will have you searching the shelves of your local bookstore or library for more books by Matthue Roth.

In Never Mind The Goldbergs, the author introduces readers to Hava Aaronson. Hava is an Orthodox Jew. She is not, however, what anyone would expect her to be knowing that. She loves punk rock music, concerts (she just has to be careful about touching guys), and has multi-colored hair. She even manages to make her ankle-length skirts look punk.

Things change for Hava when she is offered a roll on a sitcom about Orthodox Jews, and leaves New York for Los Angeles. The only person in the city she knows is a friend from her school back home, Moishe, who is making a documentary about his life that will run three months long. However, she also has her gay, non-Jewish best friend, Ian, in New York, who she calls at every opportunity.

In LA, Hava is two different people. She is Shoshana Goldberg, oldest daughter in the Goldberg family, and Hava Aaronson, only Orthodox Jew in the cast of a show about Orthodox Jews (who aren't really anything like any of the Jews Hava knows back in New York).

This is a great book for anybody. Hava defies all stereotypes and is just her own person, which is great. Matthue Roth is also a fabulous writer, and characterization is definitely a strength of his; he does a great job with all of his characters. Never Mind The Goldbergs is an awesome book, certainly worth reading!
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