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Reader reviewed by Natalie

Althugh this story is oo far fetch, it is fun to read. After all we read fiction to get away from reality right.

Sam likes to draw so he rparents enroll her in an expensive after school art program full of adults.Besides her she meets a guy thats about her age who looks familiar. When the teacher critisizes on of Sam's paintings, she takes it the wrong way an decides to never go back.
the next week she ditches art class and hangs out at a record store. when she gets out she sees a strange man abuot to shoot the president of the U.S.

well she ends up saving his life and becomes a heroine. throughout the book she deals with problems such as being popular all of a sudden and being in love with her sister's boyfriend. But wait what happened to that cute guy from her art class, oh yeah he happens to be none other than the president's son who has his eyes set on Sam. What's Sam to do?
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