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So FuRiNkIn' AdDiCtInG!!!!!
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Reader reviewed by SweetxApple

OMG! This was one of the most awesome books that I had read during the summer. I swear that I literally refused to go to sleep! So when it wasn't Sims 2 it was reading Water Mirror! My mom would have to come in like 5 times during the night well more like early in the morning (2 a.m.). I want EVERYONE to read this book. It is extremely, super original and it keeps you hooked. The entire book is great! I wasn't bored one second while reading this book. Gosh BUT I HATE THE ENDING! It was soo good, but it had to be a cliffhanger! Well you'll have to read it yourself to get absorbed into the world of this book. It's totally awesome. If I wasn't broke I would soooooo buy this book (T.T)!
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