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4.6 10
Young Adult Fiction 1768
Action, Adventure, and A Touch of Romance
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Reader reviewed by L. Eustace

For Tamora Pierce fans who are looking for a new read, try Court Duel. Meliara, the teenage countess of Tlanth is dragged off to court when her brother, his fiance, and that well-heeled snobby nemisis Marquis Vidanric enter her life. There she experiences rivalry and romance, and trying to learn fan languages and who's her enemy and who's not. Meliara then begins exchanging love letters and receives roses from a secret admirer, and at the same time has to deal with Vidanric's cold and cool ways.

The best thing about this book was that the cover wasn't just another cheap old ugly piece of artwork that you typically find on fantasies. This cover is beautiful and not embarressing to be seen with. If you like action, adventure, and a touch of romance, Court Duel is for you.
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