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Such a sweet, fun romance that keeps you reading!
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Reader reviewed by Dylana

Meg Cabot never fails to bore me. Her stories are so much fun to read and she is the best chick-lit writer ever. This book is about Mel Fuller, a 27 year old gossip columnist in New York. Her apartment neighbor, Mrs. Friedlander, is struck in the head by a someone and is now in a coma. It's up to Mel to take care of her neighbor's pets, making her late for work everyday. Then a new, good-looking guy, says he is Max Friedlander, the nephew and moves in. Max and Mel start hanging out and it turns into love. But who is this Max, and why does he want Mel to call him John. Mel's friends are happy for her, but suspicious, too. And when it turns out that Max isn't who he says he is, things turn chaotic. Mel feels she can never trust a man. It's too hard to explain the events of the story. You just have to read this compilation of emails from all the characters interacting. It makes so much more sense and it is really fun. But there is definitely a happy ending. You just want to keep reading. Meg Cabot did it again with her timeless, fun-loving characters and sense-of-humor in the big city.
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