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Really in depth and makes you think!
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Reader reviewed by Dylana

I picked up this book because I heard it was a classic and very good. It's about racial issues, identity, and invisibility. You never know the name of the narrator, who is a young black man with identity issues. This book is very long, and very intricate. There are so many themes and symbols throughout the novel, but it really opens your eyes to the world. How black people, or anyone in general, feels when they feel as if they have no one to turn too, as if they are invisible in life. It's very sad, and all you want to do is help the character and tell the other characters to jsut give this man a chance to explain himself. In the end, the narrator is almsot near insanity. He has no idea who he is or what he wants to do. Read this book and just try to get through it. It's hard, but it really touches upon issues and themes that everyone shouls be aware of. Once you start reading you just keep going because you want to find out what is going to go on next. it really is a smooth flowing novel.
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