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this is the best book ever
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Reader reviewed by christina

this is definitly the best book i have ever read. its about this girl named ani. the adventure starts when she is born. she can talk to horses, geese, swans, and even the wind. she is sent to marry the crown prince but her lady-in-waiting selia betrays her and trys to kill her. ani has to run for her life and ends up disguised as isi the goose girl. she falls in love with someone that said they work at the palace. she thinks that she can trust him and she loves him. then he sends her a letter that says i can not love you like a man loves a woman i am sorry. she is heartbroken and lovesick. turns out her lover is the prince and will she get her name back, become princess, and marry the hansome prince??? seems like alot to do for a princess.

this is my favorite book i have ever read and i couldn't put it down for 1 second!!!
hope you like it!
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