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Alice, I Think Review
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Alice, I Think is an exceptional young adult fiction book because Alice deals with normal obstacles that actually do happen during the high school years and more. Even though its one of those diary entry books, later on the reader wont even. Its not that appropriate for smaller children because it has swear words and has sexual contents. A life moral taught in this book is never let an obstacle take over disadvantages, which means to never give up and not to focus on all the negative things that have happened. Literary devices were used wisely in certain areas of the piece. Examples of metaphors include That girl who attacked me is marauding white trash&, and Aubreys mouth is a door that will never close, I mean never ever close. An allusion was surprisingly also found, which was MacGregor has the brain of Einstein.... There werent many similes, but tons of alliteration like, Debbie doesnt do& and &cultural critic cannot&. Literary devices made the piece more absorbing for meaning. The pacing of the story was upbeat and ongoing. It did not drag a major event to every last detail so it was more decisive. The reader would always know when a suspenseful moment was coming because an unusual character like Linda would be in the scene to meddle with others. Some other characters had a major contribution to some extent. Alices mother became very nurturing when Alice was enrolled into school and when her arch nemesis, Linda beat her up. Frank had a disturbing situation which kept some of the attention off Alice. Death Lord Bob had a very important job of keeping both Alices and Franks feet firmly on the ground without going insane himself. Fish obsessed MacGregor helped Alice to believe that she could handle being in the outside world when she was starting school. He also was her best and closest friend. The resolution of the book didnt wrap everything up so the reader would be satisfied, but it left them questions to consider themselves. The book created an image that describes how difficult others have it in different situations that would put them at a disadvantage.
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